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Interior Ministry: we arrested individuals plotted against Gaza, resistance
Interior Ministry: we arrested individuals plotted against Gaza, resistance
Spokesman for Interior Ministry
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Gaza, Alray - Interior Ministry arrested and interrogated individuals who made serious confessions about a large plot against the Gaza Strip through stirring up unrest and targeting political figures. 

The spokesman for the ministry Islam Shahwan said Friday in a press conference held in Gaza “we have recently spotted suspicious movements of some individuals planning to shake the stability on the home front,”

"As they were put under surveillance and then held by the security services, they turned out to have collaborated with Israel’s Mossad," he confirmed. 

According to the confessions disclosed during the conference through a video shot for one of the suspects caught, the parties involved in the plot include Israeli intelligence services, and Intelligence Service and Preventive Security Service of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, along with Arab Intelligence Services. 

Shahwan revealed that one of the suspects –turned to be a collaborator- has been caught on his way to Gaza after meeting with Fatah-affiliated leaders of Security Services in an Arab country.

Many of Fatah members who had ranked top positions in Security Services of the pre-2006-elections Palestinian government fled the Gaza Strip to Ramallah or Arab countries during the failed Fatah-run campaign to topple the elected Hamas-led government in 2007.

The spokesman held Israel and its Palestinian and Arab tools, attempting to plot against Gaza, her people and resistance, fully responsible for all the consequences of their plotting.

"Security Services in Gaza will withstand such despicable attempts, and will not allow anybody to endanger the security and safety of our people and his resistance", he said "what Israeli occupation failed to achieve by his rockets (wars) shall not be achieved by chaos,"

Shahwan stressed that “the ministry will unveil in the next few days more details about the intended plot,” and that “law is to take its course regarding those involved in the plot.”