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30 detained during Arroub refugee camp raid
30 detained during Arroub refugee camp raid
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Gaza, ALRAY - Large forces of the Israeli army stormed Saturday dawn Aroub refugee camp to the north of southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Coordinator of the Popular Committees of the Southern Camps Ahmed Abu Khairan said in a press statement said that “the occupation forces drove about 30 young men and children of Arroub refugee camp outside the borders of the camp,” pointing out that “the number of the arrested is still unknown as some of them were released short time after the raid,”

“Hundreds of Israeli soldiers stormed the camp from all sides, raided most of its houses, and arrested a large number of young Palestinians, local media said in an earlier report.

Violent clashes took place in the camp between the occupation forces and dozens of young Palestinian who threw stones and Molotov cocktails, the media source added. It said that "the forces have stormed the camp after a military watchtower was thrown with a Molotov cocktail,"

The Aroub refugee camp witness frequent clashes with the Israeli forces especially on Friday of each week.