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20 Palestinians prevented to leave West Bank through Al-Karama crossing
20 Palestinians prevented to leave West Bank through Al-Karama crossing
Al-Karama crossing is the sole West Bank exit to the outside world
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities prevented twenty citizens from different parts of the West Bank from traveling through the Karama crossing during the past week, citing security reasons.

Al-Karama Crossing authority in Ramallah said Saturday in a press statement that “the number of departures and arrivals through the crossing reached 18024, and 13946 respectively,”

Israeli side turned away 20 citizens being detained for varying periods of time.

The statement added that “the movement this week will be normal but on Friday and Saturday where the crossing would operate until 9:00 A.M. on Friday (Sep 13th) and would be completely closed in both directions on Saturday (Sep 14th).

Israeli forces arrested on Wednesday the 15-year-old Nour Shalabi from occupied Jerusalem on his return with his family through the Karama crossing.

The child's uncle Omar Shalabi said then “The occupation forces arrested Nour and rejected his mother's request to bring him to the investigation station after arriving in Jerusalem.”

Al-Karama crossing is the only exit for the West Bank citizens’ to the outside world. It is administered jointly by the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli occupation, and is only used by people.

Israeli authorities cite security reasons to detain many Palestinians wanting to leave and enter the West Bank through the crossing.