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PA Security Services arrest 5 on charge of being Hamas-affiliated
PA Security Services arrest 5 on charge of being Hamas-affiliated
Members of the security forces in Ramallah
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Gaza, ALRAY - PA security services in the West Bank arrested five Palestinians, including four on the charge of being Hamas-affiliated.

In Tulkarem, Preventive Security Service re-arrested a student at Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie ours after General Intelligence Service has released him.

The student Ahmed al-Fenni has been arrested for being a member of the student offshoot of Hamas, Islamic bloc, the movement said in a statement.

Preventive Security Service has arrested Hussam al-Tamam in the same city after being beaten and word-insulted by officers, it added.

The statement indicated that “Hussam was beaten till he fainted, then he was admitted in the Military Medical Services clinic before being released,”

In Hebron, Preventive Security Service arrested Annan Bakri, 21, after raiding his house, and Suleiman Abu Jarour, 23, a student at Polytechnic of Palestine University, from the town of Bani Na'im east of the city, after being summoned.

The Security Service also summoned ex-prisoner Wajeeh Abu Hadid from Hebron, and ex-prisoner Mohannad Abu Mosa who was threatened with arrest if he does not head to the Intelligence office, according to the statement.

Two days ago, the Intelligence Service summoned ex-prisoner, Islamic Jihad-affiliated Ibrahim al-Najjar from al-Fawwar camp, while the security forces arrested Bahir Saleh, a member of Party of Tahrir-Information Office in Qalqiliya on the same day.