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Palestinian refugee killed in Syria
Palestinian refugee killed in Syria
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Gaza, Alray - A Palestinian refugee was killed on Saturday in Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp by the Syrian regular army, the Workforce for Palestinians group in Syria reported.

It said in a statement that Mohammed Kamal El-Aidi died shortly after he sustained critical wounds by a sniper bullet near Sabina road in the Yarmouk refugee camp.  

The group said that Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus witnessed clashes between Syrian regime forces and rebels.

All main entrances to the camp have been closed for over 55 days and there has been no electricity for four months.

the group warned of a serious humanitarian crisis as All hospitals and medical centers in Yarmouk have ceased to operate due to a lack of equipment, military attacks and robberies, the group added.

Residents complain of the closure of the dispensaries and UNRWA schools that raised fears among families concerning the future education of their sons.

According to the group, citizens of  Khan El-Sheikh's refugee camp have been suffering from bad economic conditions due to the lack of food, medicine, and fuel.

A state of tension spread among residents living in the Jarmana refugee camp due to the deterioration of the security condition in the areas  around the camp.