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Dozens of rightists storm Al-Aqsa courtyards
Dozens of rightists storm Al-Aqsa courtyards
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Gaza, Alray - Dozens of extremist settlers attacked on Tuesday morning Al-Aqsa mosque under the protection of the Israeli soldiers.

Radwan Amr, a Moravid citizen  (a person in a group of Palestinian citizens gathered at Al-Aqsa mosque to prevent Israeli attacks on it) told Alray about 80 Israeli rightests attacked the mosque in the morning through Al-Magharba Gate.

The group walked along the eastern wall and exited through the al-Salsala gate. The rightists formed groups and performed religious rituals, including songs,  he said.

He indicated that the Israeli forces increased security restrictions inside Al-Aqsa as dozens of students demonstrated to protest the Israeli attacks against Al-Aqsa.

We saw new provocative Israeli measures everyday," he added.

Al-Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and Heritage said previously that a group of activists from the Israeli Likud party announced its intention to break into the Al-Aqsa Mosque next Thursday to celebrate the so-called "Yom Kippur" on  14 September.