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Government spokesman: scarce quantities of fuel in Gaza
Government spokesman: scarce quantities of fuel in Gaza
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Ihab Ghussein, the government spokesman and the Head of the Government Media Office stated on Wednesday  that the quantities of fuel in Gaza is scarce and serve certain sectors such as health, electricity, and municipalities.

Ghussein refuted in a statement the rumors rounded up storing huge quantities of fuel in Gaza by the government,  " the government does not have fuel stores but a scarce quantities."

The statement reported that the number of official vehicles do not exceed 2.25% of the vehicles in Gaza which includes cars , vans and bulldozers. It should be noted  that the number of all vehicles in the Gaza Strip, amounting to 52 602 vehicles run on gasoline, while 24550 are working on diesel, with 601 vehicles under the classification of the other. While the number of official  vehicles in the Gaza Strip  run on gasoline is 748, while 997 vehicles run on diesel fuel.

 It is witnessed recently that  a number of official vehicles lift ordinary people to their works.  

A sever fuel crisis hit Gaza strip after the Egyptian authority had  decided to establish a buffer zone on the Egyptian side of the border with the Gaza strip.