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Egyptian navy breach Gaza territorial waters, beat fisherman
Egyptian navy breach Gaza territorial waters, beat fisherman
Fishermen in Gaza Sea
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli gunboats opened fire Sunday morning towards fishing boats off the coast of the Gaza Strip, no injuries or damage reported.

According to local media"Israeli boats fired heavily towards the fishermen off the coast of the Gaza Strip, noting that it did not result in any injuries or damage."

In the same vein, two boats of Egyptian naval police attacked on Saturday evening fishermen in Gaza territorial waters off the coast of the southern city of Rafah.

"The Egyptian boats breached the maritime border with the Gaza Strip and ill-treated the Gaza fishermen fishing there," local media reported.

"As they approached the fishermen, the Egyptian boats heavily fired towards the fishermen off Rafah's coast," it added, reporting no injuries.

Eyewitness said "the Egyptian navy has detained Palestinian fisherman Omar al-Bardawil, 40, and his son Ziad, 13, and assailed the father with blows, leaving him with bruises,"

He pointed out that Palestinian fishermen pulled the targeted boat shortly after the Egyptian boats withdrew from the Palestinian waters.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri condemned in a brief statement "the firing attack committed by the Egyptian navy against some fishermen Palestinians inside the Palestinian waters and the arrest of some."

In a similar attack two weeks ago, two Palestinian fishermen were wounded and five arrested while fishing close to the maritime border with Egypt.

 Under the new rule of Egypt, the fishermen have been banned to fish in the few nautical miles of Egyptian waters allowed for them during Morsi's rule.

This year's fishing season does not seem to bode well, as usual, for the Gaza's nearly 3700 fishermen with the long-observed violations of Israeli navy and the new arbitrary measures of the Egyptian navy.