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Energy Authority to buy free tax diesel fuel from (Israel)
Energy Authority to buy free tax diesel fuel from (Israel)
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Gaza, ALRAY - An official of Energy Authority in Gaza said we agree to buy diesel fuel free from value added tax and Israel’s taxes levied on fuel imported from (Israel).

The source said in a statement to ALRAY that “The authority is ready to buy diesel fuel for the power station in Gaza without taxes, according to what has been agreed upon between the authority and Palestinian Authority in Ramallah,”

“The Energy Authority does not mind to pay the price for fuel supplies in advance, in order to run the only power plant and avoid a humanitarian disaster,” he added. 

The director of the government media center in Ramallah Ihab Bsaisu affirmed earlier the government's readiness to supply industrial fuel immediately to the Gaza’s power plant without the special tax.

Bseiso said the supply will be based on the previously-signed agreement with the Gaza Energy Authority, which included removing tax imposed on industrial fuel, which is estimated at NIS 3 per liter. 

The Gaza Strip population has been long suffering from an electricity deficit due to a lack of fuel needed for the Gaza power plant, in addition to Israel’s refusal to upgrade the electricity lines to the coastal enclave.