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'Youth for Intifada' calls for uprising against Israel's occupation
'Youth for Intifada' calls for uprising against Israel's occupation
The group called for uprising against Israeli occupier (photo\Safa Press)
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Gaza, ALRAY - A Palestinian youth group called for stepping up the resistance against the occupation on the 13th anniversary of Al-Aqsa Intifada which falls on Friday, September 27th, 2013. 

Youth for Intifada Coalition demanded in a statement the Palestinians, especially youth  to “rise to the Israeli occupier,” reminding of the role of youth in igniting and fueling the 1987 First Intifada (Stone Uprising) and the 2000Al-Aqsa Intifada,”

The statement pointed out that “the choice of the uprising which unified the Palestinian people in the past shall unify it the same in any other time,” reiterated the call to confront the occupation forces in all areas of contact in the occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and 1948 occupied territories,”

The coalition stressed that ‘Support Al-Aqsa Friday’ would embody the national demands of all Palestinians, and the demands of the First and Second intifada.

The statement commended the previous national uprisings "The Palestinian people marked the finest pages of struggle and resistance through the enormous sacrifices of the martyrs , prisoners and the wounded for the sake of freedom, Right of Return, and independence,”

It added that “the First and Second Intifada proved that Israel’s oppression and terrorism incapable to break the will and determination of our people, and unfit for a revolutionary people who turns down humiliation and submission.