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OCHA warns of significant crisis in Gaza
OCHA warns of significant crisis in Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY  - In light of  tightening  control on Rafah border and imposing  restrictive measures on  the operation  of the tunnels  by Egyptian Authorities , OCHA weekly report warned of the aggravating humanitarian situation in the besieged  Gaza.

Egypt tightened control on the border area with Gaza, restricting the operating of the Rafah passenger crossing and goods traffic through the tunnels, affecting patient referrals, the construction sector and fishing.

It reported that Egyptian naval forces opened fire at Palestinians fishing boats last week , physically assaulted two fisher men , and confiscated two boats.

Egyptian forces continued to demolish lifeline tunnels under the Gaza- Egypt border  which resulted in significant shortages of goods including fuel and construction materials. The report estimated that approximately ten tunnels are currently functioning compared to 300 before June 2013.

 Fuel shortfalls have also continued to disrupt the provision of basic services, including water supply , sanitation, health and transportation services.

The  shortage in construction materials led to  significant increase in their  prices.  

The report noted that the closure of Rafah Crossing has significant effect on access to medical and educational services abroad. Border and Crossing Authority in Gaza reported that around 500 students , who are registered at universities abroad are restrained  in Gaza side and thus might miss the new semesters at their universities.  

The Rafah closure also resulted in less than half the normal number of Ministry of Health (MoH) referred patients travelling to Egypt and the MOH’s restricting X-rays and certain drugs to emergency use only, due to low supplies and the unreliable flow of medical supplies via the Rafah Crossing.