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Mass detentions across Hebron
Mass detentions across Hebron
Israeli military vehicles in the occupied West Bank
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces arrested Monday at dawn more than two hundred Palestinians in an extensive raid on residential neighborhoods in the southern area of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

The operation came in the wake of the killing of an Israeli soldier by a Palestinian shooter.

Local media "the raids centered in t Jabal Jawhar neighbourhood, and Tariq ibn Ziyad crossroad, Tal'at Abu Hadid area, and Abu Sneineh neighbourhood," adding that "most detainees  were released after being questioned about the circumstances and the doer,"

The sources pointed out that the detainees were held for hours at a military checkpoint at a nearby Ibrahimi Mosque. Some of the identified are Abdul Rahim Abu Hadid , Munther Fawzi Abu Hadid , Judy Abdul Rahim Abu Hadid, Anas Abu Hadid, in addition to the brothers Fayez, Dawod, and Marwan al-Ragbi, iand the brothers Yasser and Ashraf al-Ragbi and Samer Mrar .

Later on Monday dawn hours, the Israeli military vehicles pulled out of the southern area of the city of Hebron. Israeli soldiers were stationed on the roofs of a number of houses after handing over their owners notices of the commander's decision to stay for 48 hours inside the houses.

In the morning, dozens of Israeli soldiers stormed a house for al-Jabari family in Beit Einon east of Hebron, and transformed it into a military barrack. The soldiers told the house owner that they are staying until the settlers complete their celebrations of Sukkot Jewish holiday.  

Israeli forces also re-opened most of the entrances to Hebron closed during the night hours of on Monday dawn, but kept some entrances closed and continued to set up military barriers at most of the junctions and the main entrances to the city.

On Sunday evening, an Israeli soldier was killed in a shooting near the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, while another was killed in Qalqilya city in the northern West Bank.