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IMF arrests eight Palestinians in Hebron
IMF arrests eight Palestinians in Hebron
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli military forces (IMF) arrested on Thursday morning eight Palestinians from several towns in Hebron , local sources reported.

According to the sources the IMF broke into Hebron  on Thursday early morning and arrested Jalal and Imad Karaki , Mohammed Al Rayyan ,21,   Sami Hassan  , 22,  from Halhul to the north of Hebron, and  Louay Al- Sharawna  ,25, from  Deir Samit to the  southwest of Hebron.

It also reported that the IMF stormed the house of  Maher Badr in Shalala Street in Hebron , and  held his two sons Ibrahim and Mohamed for  several hours while searching their family house.

Eye witnesses  said  that the IMF had stopped  three Palestinians on Thursday at dawn on a military checkpoint at  Beit Fajjar town   to the south of Bethlehem , before arrested them.

According to the witnesses they are Mohamed Thawabteh ,32, Anas Thawabteh ,23,  and Alaa Taqatqa,21.

Following the killing of Israeli soldiers on Sunday evening, 22 Septembe , near the southern checkpoint in Al-Shuhada' street in the southern area of the Old Town in Hebron The IMF carried out a series of collective punishment measures against Palestinian civilians in the city.