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Remarkable development in health services despite blockade: Mukhalalati
Remarkable development in health services despite blockade: Mukhalalati
Speakers of “Assessment of Nursery and Midwifery ‎Requirements” Workshop (photo\ALRAY)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Minister of Health said Saturday a multli-leveled development in the health services the ministry offers is being remarked despite the effects of siege on Gaza.

The ministry held on Saturday morning “Assessment of Nursery and Midwifery Requirements” workshop attended by Minister of Health Mufid Al-Mukhalalati, Director General of Human Resources Development in the Ministry Nasser Abu Shaban, representative of the Norwegian Norwalk Jenny Oscarson, and medical staff of the ministry.

Dr. Mukhalalati revealed “quality breakthroughs have been witnessed in the Gaza hospitals”, taking pride in the medical staff the ministry who are “doing their best to provide for the rising needs in the midst of blockade,”

Dr. Nasser Abu Shaban said this [workshop] is added to the series of workshops held by the ministry to shore up the health services.

The participants discussed a string of suggestions for the assessment of the health sector needs like training, nursery and midwifery services to put priorities for these needs to meet.

Dr. Mahmoud el-D’ama of the ministry thanked the Norwegian Norwalk for supporting the workshop and the ministry in general.

He noted that “such a workshop would help Norwalk in better directing its support in Nursery and Midwifery fields,”

Norwalk representative in Gaza Jenny Oscarson expressed her solidarity with Palestinian people and, disapproving the policy of blockade.

She called for opening the crossings to the flow of medicines and medical missions, as well as to the patients having permits to receive treatment outside.

Oscarson emphasized sustaining of support offered to the Palestinians in all sectors especially the health.