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Hamas decries Fatah's refusal to co-run Rafah crossing
Hamas decries Fatah's refusal to co-run Rafah crossing
Rafah crossing closure coincides with the begining of 2013-2014 academic year. Many students lost their seats at universities outside
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Gaza, ALRAY - Hamas politburo member Mosa Abu Marzouk found odd that senior Fatah leader Jibril al-Rjoub ruled out the return of Presidential Guard Service to run the Rafah crossing.

London-based Al-Hayat Newspaper quoted Sunday Rjoub as saying "we are mounting pressure on the Egyptian side in order to exceptionally run the Rafah crossing to alleviate the suffering of the people of Gaza," stressing the Palestinian leadership's refusal to accept partial or eclectic solutions.

"We would accept a road map to achieve a reconciliation agreement handling all issues and leading to the reinstatement of Presidential Guard Service at the Rafah crossing," he added.

Abu Marzouk wondered on his facebook page "Was not the crossing opened by order of President Abbas? Did not the Palestinian ambassador to Egypt then warn that the crossing will not be open unless Presidential Guard Service takes charge of it again?"

He added that "we got surprised yesterday [Sunday] with a Fatah leader accusing Hamas of seeking after a 'partial reconciliation' and stating that Presidential Guard Service would not return to run the crossing but when reconciliation agreement is concluded,"