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Israeli minister: Peace process soon to be declared 'dead'
Israeli minister: Peace process soon to be declared 'dead'
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli deputy army minister, Danny Danon, said the Middle East peace process "will soon be recognised as definitively dead."

Danon told the Financial Times that "if the Israelis were surprised by an agreement, it would require not only a referendum, something Netanyahu has committed to do, but fresh elections too. 

"If you reach the point of having an agreement which includes giving away major parts of the land of (Israel), we will have to go for general elections, no matter what," he said. 

Danon espouses what he describes as a "three-state solution": a regional agreement between (Israel), Jordan and Egypt that would give Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip some rights in those three countries, but no distinct state.

"My goal is to get hold of the majority of the land with the minimum amount of the Palestinian population," Mr Danon said. "This is the starting point for the negotiations when we sit down with the regional partners and the Palestinians."

Shona Duncan
Who does this fool think he's trying to kid? He's a raving anti arab/semitic Zionist with imperialism on his mind. He disgusts me. There is no Israel, only occupied Palestine. And that's the law.