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3 Palestinians killed in Syria shelling
3 Palestinians killed in Syria shelling
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Gaza, ALRAY - Three Palestinian refugees were killed in Syria on Monday in the continuous shelling against Yarmouk refugee camp.

The Workforce for Palestinians in Syria said Ahmad Hussain Thaher, from Khan al-Sheikh camp, died while being imprisoned by Syrian government forces.

The circumstances of his death are unclear.

Ahmad al-Khatib, from Tel Shihab in Daraa village, and Zein Fayez al-Masmali, from Daraa refugee camp, were killed in clashes between the Free Syrian Army and Syrian regime forces.

There were heavy clashes late Tuesday between Free Syrian Army forces and Syrian government troops in Yarmouk camp, the group said.

The Syrian army has imposed a blockade on the camp for 77 days in a row, and there has been no electricity or fuel in the camp for months.

In March, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said that over 1,597 Palestinians had been killed in the ongoing Syria conflict, with that number thought to have increased significantly since then.

Last week, a senior Fatah official said that some 250,000 Palestinian refugees have been forced to leave their refugee camps in Syria due to violence in the country.

A staggering 6.2 million Syrians have been torn from their homes -- a number without parallel in any other country and representing nearly a third of Syria's pre-war population of 20.8 million.