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International conference on sick Palestinian prisoners soon in Europe
International conference on sick Palestinian prisoners soon in Europe
Weekly sit-in in front of ICRC headquarters in Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Secretary of the Higher Follow-Up Committee for Prisoners Amin Shuman revealed arrangements being made for holding an international conference for sick prisoners.

Shuman told Safa Press Agency Tuesday that "an advisory committee of the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs, the Center for Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights-'Hurryyat' (freedoms), and the Higher Follow-Up Committee started to extend invitations to Arab and international parties to participate in the intended conference,"

He pointed out that the conference will be held in a European country in the participation of representatives from Palestinian Ministry of Justice, World Health Organization, United Nations Council of Human Rights (UNHRC), and international human rights organizations and lawyers from various countries around the world.

"The ambassadors of Palestine abroad are working to ensure the participation of official representatives of the Arab and foreign countries in the conference" Shoman said.

Such attempts come within the international campaign for the release of sick prisoners, whose second week will see handing letters to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the Arab League, explaining the inhumane conditions faced by sick prisoners in Israeli jails.