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Gini Index: PA ranks near bottom on income equality
Gini Index: PA ranks near bottom on income equality
Palestinians line up to get their salaries
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian Authority (PA) came in the penultimate rank on the index showing the extent of equitable distribution of national income between officials and individuals, with an average salary of 36 thousand dollars, 24 times the annual per capita income.

According to statistics published by global Gini Index, the Palestinian Authority's rank indicates the presence of a remarkable inequality in income levels and the absence of equitable distribution within the Palestinian population.

Palestinian MP makes $ 3,000 per month, and the president makes twice this amount in a state whose GPD rate per capita does not exceed $ 1,400 per year.

The salaries of all Palestinian state officials in presidential, parliamentary or ministerial positions remain uninterrupted until death.

The Palestinian Authority is facing a deficit of more than one billion dollars in public budget. It was forced over the past few months to borrow from local banks to pay its employees on whom it expend $ 150 million per month.

It also needs almost a similar amount to meet their obligations to provide basic services to the Palestinians.

The PA has been looking for some time for a financial support of $ 550 million to cover its budget deficit.

Gini index measures the extent to which the distribution of income or consumption expenditure among individuals or households within an economy deviates from a perfectly equal distribution.