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Israel's Supreme Court to hear an appeal against MK Zoabi
Israel's Supreme Court to hear an appeal against MK Zoabi
MK Haneen Zoabi
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Gaza, ALRAY - An appeal against Arab MK Haneen Zoabi is to be heard Tuesday by Judge Asher Grunis while advocate Hassan Jabareen from Adala will represent Zoabi, local media reported.

The former right-wing MK Michael Ben-Ari and the extremist activist Itmar Ben-Gvir had filed the appeal even though a previous decision by the Attorney General officially closed the case against Zoabi due to lack of evidence.

The Supreme Court had also overturned a previous decision that disqualified her from running for elections due to her participation in the Freedom Flotilla set to Gaza in May 2010.

Commenting on the disqualification complaint, Judge Salim Jobran said: "Participation in the Flotilla alone does not rise to the level of dangerous expression on supporting armed struggles."

Lawyer Jabareen pointed out that the new appeal: "Does not mention the fact that local criminal laws are not applied on Zoabi in this case as the Flotilla was seized in international waters."

He further added that the petitioners did not bring enough evidence that Zoabi had used violence against anyone during the operation on board the Flotilla to support their argument.

Zoabi, meanwhile, said "Those who killed the nine activists and imposed a blockade on Gaza should be convicted. The culprit here is the Israeli government not Hanin Zoabi."

The Arab Knesset member was attacked in a previous hearing by Jewish extremists. When asked whether she would attend the new hearing or not, she answered: "Yes, I would. I am not representing myself, but all my people."