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Breaking unjust siege on Gaza is duty: Convoys’ Coordinator
Breaking unjust siege on Gaza is duty: Convoys’ Coordinator
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Gaza, ALRAY - The General Coordinator of the aid convoys “Miles of Smiles” Dr. Issam Mustafa, said that breaking the unjust siege on Gaza is a duty, stressing the need to use all possible ways to reach Gaza.

Yousuf said in an interview with Al-Quds TV on Tuesday evening, “ we will exert our efforts to reach Gaza. We will not stop supporting projects there even  if the convoys were denied access,”

He called for more campaigns to shore up Gaza by the relief projects to break the air, land, and naval siege imposed on Gaza since 2006 by the Israeli occupation. He affirmed the continuation of sending medical convoys to Gaza.

Regarding the regional developments, Yousuf said that the situation in Sinai is very serious, “even if  the circumstances in Egypt have changed, the Egyptian people will stand with the Palestinians and continue to support their cause.”

He called on Egyptian Authorities to understand the message which the convoy tries to send, hoping that they will be able to resume the projects aimed to lift the Gaza siege.

He denied that Egyptian authorities refused to allow the entry of “Miles of smiles” convoy “we still contacting with Egypt; we did not receive any rejection but our demand was postponed.”

He confirmed that Gaza did not have a role in the Egyptian turmoil, pointing out that the occupation is the only one who benefits from that.

Yusuf appealed to the Egyptian authorities not to involve Gaza in the Egyptian conflict, adding that "Egypt will remain supporting Gaza regardless of the current events."