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Rafah border crossing sheduled to open today
Rafah border crossing sheduled to open today
Palestinians rush into Rafah crossing amid acute closure during September 2013
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Rafah crossing is scheduled to be opened Saturday for the departure of specific cases.

The crossing was closed on Thursday evening after all Mecca pilgrims, selected to make 'Hajj to Mecca' at the expense of the Saudi Arabia under an annual Saudi grant for relatives of Palestinian martyrs, passed. 

The Egyptian authorities had reopened the Rafah crossing for five days as from Tuesday until tomorrow, Sunday, excluding Friday for students and humanitarian cases.

An official source said the crossing will be open today, Saturday, to those who had been turned away on Wednesday, in addition to patients, students and those with foreign residence permits and passports.

He pointed out that the crossing crews prepared eight buses for today.

Thousands of Palestinians are waiting to travel, but faced by the repeated closures of Egyptian authorities, allowing leave for only a few numbers.

The crossing works on a partial basis since early July after the overthrow of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.