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A campaign to protect Gaza olive growers on border areas
A campaign to protect Gaza olive growers on border areas
Palestinians picking olives in occupied West Bank
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Gaza, ALRAY - Arab Center for Agricultural Development launched Tuesday an olive harvest campaign entitled "Protection for Better Production" in the east of Qarara town in Khan Younis city.

The campaign comes within Farmer Rights Empowerment project in partnership with Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) and aims to support and assist olive growers.    

The center's director Mohsen Abu Ramadan said in a press conference "the campaign carries a national message that Palestinians will continue to stand and fight the Israeli aggressive practices," pointing out that "dozens of volunteers , farmers and NGOs' representatives have participated in the campaign,"

"We'll keep on supporting the olive growers over the harvest season for 2013, our effort to demonstrate the Palestinians ' right to access to their land lots on the border areas, and challenge the [Israeli] occupation policies designed to control over Palestinian land and resources,"

Abu Ramadan praised the Arab Center's partnership with "NPA" which principles go in harmony with the Palestinian constants, adding that the business strategy of NPA is a model for the international organizations active in solidarity work with the Palestinian people.

For his part , Ammar Khashan, a representative of an NGO sharing the campaign, said the land on which they are holding the campaign events had been razed in previous years by Israeli army, before being reclaimed and re-cultivated with olive trees, stressing the importance of any effort to confront the occupation policy aimed at Palestinian land.