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Gov: Palestinians entitled to defend themselves
Gov: Palestinians entitled to defend themselves
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Palestinian Government stressed that the Palestinian people and resistance have the right to defend themselves by all possible means against Israel's undeterred war crimes and aggressions.

Spokesman for the Palestinian Government, Ihab AL-Ghusain, stated on his facebook page "No one can deny the Palestinians thinking of new ways to confront the high-tech military apparatus of the Israeli occupation,"

The Gaza Strip citizens had been subjected to two wars and thus entitled to defend themselves, Ghusain said, adding that "digging tunnels is a defensive tactic innovated by the Palestinian resistance,"

AL-Ghusain found odd the UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman's statement that digging the [recently discovered] tunnel is a violation of the cease-fire agreement [mediated by Egypt between Hamas and the Israeli occupation after Israel's 8-day war in November 2012], overlooking the Israeli violations of it.

"The Israeli occupation has not stopped violating the cease-fire agreement ever since its had been concluded; many violations are to mention, above them all sustaining Israel's siege on the 1.7 million Gaza population by failing to open the commercial crossings, and to expand the fishing zone," he said.

"What is more “terrorist” than an Israeli navy boat firing on a fisherman, an armored vehicle shooting a farmer, invading, or leveling his land?" Ghusain wondered, pointing to the deaths and injuries of a number of Palestinian civilians throughout the past year.

AL-Ghusain called on the UN to take its real role in putting pressure on the Israeli occupation to lift the siege, bringing Israeli leaders to justice, and protecting the Palestinian people from the continuous Israeli crimes and aggressions.