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IPS threatens administrative detainees to call off strike
IPS threatens administrative detainees to call off strike
Previous clashes outside Ofer prison (Demotix Images)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli Prison Service (IPS) threatened unprecedented punishments against administrative detainees in the event a hunger strike is declared as planned on 25 October.

Tadamun (Solidarity) Foundation said Thursday that administrative detainees had urged human rights institutions to pressure Israeli authorities into not punishing the detainees, which, according to the foundation, may take form of denying them family visits, placing them in isolation, prohibiting them from using their electrical equipment, or from using the canteen.

Two months ago, the administrative detainees announced a series of protests they would be staging steadily as from late October, including boycotting Israeli courts, hunger striking for two days per week in December, boycotting prison clinics in January, refusing medication in February, and hunger striking three days per week as from early March.

Administrative detainees demand that they are either tried in an ordinary court or released immediately.

150 administrative detainees are held in Israeli jails, mostly previously-freed prisoners by virture of Shalit prisoner exchange deal in 2011, 50 of them in Ofer prison, near occupied Ramallah.