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MK: Israel desroys peace negotiations
MK: Israel desroys peace negotiations
MK Nachman Shai
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY -  Zionist MK Nachman Shai said that the Israeli government manages the negotiations with the Palestinians in one hand and destroys them with the other and thus it undermines any chance of reaching a peaceful compromise, Jewish daily Maariv reported.    

The newspaper pointed out that the MK's remarks came as a comment on the recent announcement of the 'Jewish Home' party's intention to put forward before the ministerial so-called Justice and Law Committee in the Knesset a law prohibiting the release of Palestinian prisoners.

The fundementalist "Jewish Home” party seeks to submit a law draft banning the release of Palestinian prisoners in the framework of any gesture of a future goodwill.

"The problem with the negotiations is that Israel and the Palestinians want two different things. The Palestinians want peace and justice. Israelis want peace and security without considering the Palestinian interests," he said.