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Gov. praises resistance's reaction to Israeli aggression
Gov. praises resistance's reaction to Israeli aggression
Al-Qassam member Rabeea Baraka killed in an Israeli artillary shelling (ALRAY Photo)
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Palestinian Government praised the resistance's reaction to the Israeli incursion into southern Gaza Strip, stressing its role in protecting the Palestinian people from any aggression on Gaza.

Spokesman for the Palestinian government Mr. Ihab al-Ghussain said Friday in a statement to ALRAY that "the latest aggression is not worrying because the Palestinian resistance is keeping a lookout for its perpetrators, and is always ready to respond to any possible Israeli violence,"

"Al-Qassam's facing of the Israeli occupation incursion proves the resistance movements ready to defend the Palestinian people in Gaza, and is a blow to those saying the resistance in Gaza is off duty; the resistance's preparing, training and tunneling have not stopped," al-Ghussain said.

The spokesman reassured Palestinian people that that 'the situation on the ground is under control, notwithstanding the growing atmosphere of plotting against the Gaza Strip,"

"The Gaza Strip has been subjected to a fierce plot by its enemies for the purpose of rolling up the democracy experienced therein, and subjugating its people, yet it survived and is willing to face the tightening siege in Gaza," he noted.

Interior Ministry reported on Friday night that a shelling targeted Palestinian resistance elements east of Khan Younis city, which Israel's tanks and bulldozers entered in a sudden incursion late Thursday.

Rabeea Baraka, 23, was killed upon the attack and another wounded in an Israeli artillery shelling in the Abasan area east of Khan Younis.

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