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8 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria
8 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria
The effects of repeated shelling that targeted Sbinah Palestinian refugees camp in Damascus.
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Syria - ALRAY - Eight Palestinians were killed, on Sunday, due to the ongoing conflict in Syria, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria reported.

The group said in a statement, the Martyrs were  Mohiuddin, Shahd and Mustafa Koshat, Hanan al-Farra, Mona Bandannain addition to two children Judy and Amran Bakr who were  targeted by a rocket while trying to get out of  Sbinah  barrier.

The youth Mohammed Fathi Mghari was also killed in a bombing attack on Dar'a camp,  raising the number of the killed Palestinians to 1722.

The Group pointed out that the camp of Handarat in Aleppo was bombed, while a shell landed on a house of the refugee Abu Yasser.

The group also said that the refugees in the camps are still suffering from  humanitarian crisis and living under extremely hard conditions as a result of  the lack of food, medicine and baby milk.