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Israeli military move into south of Gaza, level lands
Israeli military move into south of Gaza, level lands
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Gaza, ALRAY - Several Israeli occupation bulldozers, backed by military vehicles, carried out a limited incursion east of al-Zaytoun quarter and Juhr al-Dik village to the south-east of Gaza City, local media said.

Watchtowers stationed east of Rafah in southern Gaza Strip opened fire at houses and agricultural lands of citizens; no injuries have been reported.

Safa News Agency quoted eyewitnesses as saying "four Israeli bulldozers moved Wednesday at 6:00 AM from 'Eagle Gate' in a limited way into east Zeitoun area east of Gaza City, and began leveling and combing farms just 200 meters from the border fence,"

The bulldozers have entered the territory with the support of four artillery vehicles, and intense flying of reconnaissance aircraft at low levels, Safa said, adding that "the vehicles have dug expansively reaching the eastern tip of Juhr al-Dik village in the south of the city,"

In Rafah city, the military towers located near the so-called Military Sofa Site east of Rafah intermittently fired at Palestinian houses and agricultural property during the early morning hours, according to Safa correspondent.

He pointed out that Israeli warplanes flew on a heavy scale at night and threw light bombs at the east of Khan Younis city in southern Gaza Strip, specifically at where  medical personnel and local civil defense are conduction search operations for the remains of two al-Qassam Brigades resistance members killed Friday at dawn.