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Youth activists call for nationwide Nov. 30 protests against "Prawer Plan"
Youth activists call for nationwide Nov. 30 protests against "Prawer Plan"
The Prawer Plan is setting out to destroy Palestinian Bedouin villages and build Israeli settlements on their wreckage. In response, Palestinian activists are calling for a nationwide day of protests on Nov. 30. (Getty Images)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian youth are gathering in several cities within historic Palestine and around the world on Nov. 30 to protest against (Israel)'s Prawer Plan, several youth organizations said in a statement Sunday.

The event will take place simultaneously in the Negev, Haifa, Ramallah, and Gaza City, as well as in several locations worldwide, and will be named the "International Day of the Negev."

Prawer Plan calls for the relocation of 40,000-70,000 Bedouin, the demolition of about 40 villages, and the confiscation of nearly 200,000 acres of land in the Negev Desert.

The groups announced the worldwide protest the same day Israeli government officials met in the Negev to discuss plans for the construction of four Israeli neighborhoods in place of the Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran, which faces possible destruction.

A final Israeli legal decision on the demolition of Umm al-Hiran has not yet been made, but a court will resume the case on Nov. 20.

"Prawer will not be allowed to pass," the groups' statement said. 

"No one will live quietly and comfortably as long as a single family in Negev faces displacement threat. No one in this country will enjoy freedom and dignity if we Palestinians, especially in Negev do not live in dignity on our land,"

The groups held similar protest events - dubbed "days of rage" - on July 15 and Aug. 1, during which Israeli police brutally assaulted young men and women, detaining and injuring dozens, according to the statement.

"The Israeli government had escalated its "criminal plan" this week by announcing a call for bids to build 20 Israeli settlements on land slated for confiscation," the statement added. 

The Israeli occupation government approved the Prawer-Begin plan in 2011, in what it says was an attempt to address the problem of unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev desert of southern Israel.

According to the Association for Civil Rights in (Israel), the plan will destroy the communal and social fabric of tens of thousands of Bedouins, condemning them to a future of poverty and unemployment.

The Israeli occuption denies them access to basic services and infrastructure, such as electricity and running water, and refuses to place them under municipal jurisdiction.

Ma'an News Agency contributed.