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Number of female prisoners in Israeli jails increased to 17: Ahrar
Number of female prisoners in Israeli jails increased to 17: Ahrar
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Nablus, ALRAY – The number of the Palestinian female prisoners in the Israeli jails increased to 17 after the Israeli forces arrested on Monday evening a Palestinian woman at Za’tar checkpoint in Nablus, according to Ahrar Center for Human Rights.

The center denounced in a statement the detention of  We’am Asida ,22, who is studying in Hisham Hajawi collage in Nablus and who is the sister of martyr  Hashem Asida.

We’am’s father al-Haj Samih said, worrying about his daughter’s fate, “I lost contact with my daughter since this morning. I do not know she was arrested, so I am surprised when the lawyer brought the news of the arrest.”

Director of the center Fuad al-Khufsh indicated that the Israeli military checkpoints became traps for arresting and abusing Palestinians, noting that Bashir Habanin was killed at the Za’tara checkpoint last week .

Some 16 Palestinian women still detained in the Israel jails under inhumane conditions.

Ahrar reported that , Lina Jerboni, Donia Waked , Inam Kanmbo, Linan Abu Ghalmah , Muyassar A’tyani  , Nawal Saadi, Tahreer  al- Queni, Alaa Abu Zatoon , Nahil Abu Aisha, A’yat  Mahfouz, Fadwa Ghanem, Mona Ka’adan, Itesar al Sayaad , Inam al- Hasanat , Mountaha al-Heih , and Lama Haddaadh are still detained in Hasharon prison.