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Cancer-stricken Palestinian prisoner's health deteriorates
Cancer-stricken Palestinian prisoner's health deteriorates
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Head of the Prisoners National Movement said that ill prisoner Yosri al-Masri,30, from Deir al-Balah, who suffers from thyroid cancer, returned to Nafha Prison after having a surgery to treat cancer without eradicating it.

“The prisoner spent few days after the surgery in Muraj Prison Hospital without taking the appropriate care,” He told the Prisoners Studies Center, adding that his treatment has not finished by this stage so we warned of new recklessness of al-Masri’s health.

Center’s Director General Ra’fat Hamdouna called for pressing on the Israeli occupation to save the lives of  the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails.

The lack of health care, medical examination, and necessary medicine leaves more victims if the occupation continues his unjust policy against prisoners without a serious international pressure, he added.

Hamdouna appealed to the international and human rights organizations and  media to interfere to expose the Israeli violation  against Palestinian prisoners.

It is noteworthy that al-Masri, who has been detained for ten years,  is sentenced   to serve 20 years in prison.