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MOH honors two doctors got patent in pediatric surgery
MOH honors two doctors got patent in pediatric surgery
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Hospitals General Administration in Gaza honored doctors Antar al-Habel and Mohammed al-Masri, who specialized in pediatric surgery, for getting a patent from the International Conference for Pediatric Surgery in its 45 session.

Director General of Hospitals in Gaza Dr. Yousuf Abu al-Reesh said the Ministry of Health  is keen to adopt the young men and develop their skills.

Al-Masri and Abu Habel expressed their thanks to the director general, stressing that they will go ahead for the benefit of Palestinian patients who are steadfast despite the unjust siege imposed by the Israeli occupation.

The invention embodied by conducting a surgery of duo inguinal hernia through a small hole above the pubis. This surgical procedure was adopted by the medical conference of the Pediatric Surgical Association No.45 which was held on 25 Sep 2013.

The doctors were prevented from attending the conference due to the blockade .