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Extremist Israeli settlers vandalize Islamic cemetery
Extremist Israeli settlers vandalize Islamic cemetery
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Jerusalem, ALRAY -Israeli settlers spray painted the words "price tag" on 13 graves on M’man Allah cemetery in Jerusalem. Headstones were also spray  painted with the words "revenge" and "price tag."

“The attack on historical Islamic cemetery is unacceptable. The attacks on headstones and graves are a policy aimed to erase the Islamic identity of the cemetery,” said Mostafa Abu Zahra, the Head of the Committee for Protecting Islamic Cemeteries.

Abu Zahra called on UNESCO and international organizations to investigate these  crimes which target the Islamic heritage  

Al-Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and Heritage said that Israeli occupation is systematically targeting M’man Allah cemetery with different ways to destroy  the remaining graves. It added that the area of the cemetery used to be 200 donums of land and it now became only 20  donums.

The Waqf Organization called Islamic and Arab countries to intervene immediately to protect this ancient cemetery which contains graves of many famous Islamic figures.

Last month, it was reported that the Jerusalem District Police Central Unit arrested 14 yeshiva students from Jerusalem, aged 13-16 on suspicion of operating as an organized group that attacked Arabs, vandalized vehicles, spray-painted hate graffiti and threw stones at vehicles with Arab drivers.