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Handmade Hebron ceramics reflect the Palestinian identity
Handmade Hebron ceramics reflect the Palestinian identity
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Jerusalem, ALRAY - With its various shapes, its innovative colors, and its good industry, the distinctive Hebron ceramics reflect the Palestinian identity. It is not imported from foreign or Israeli factories, but made by artistic Palestinian hands.

Bab al-Khalil in Jerusalem embraces al-Ju’ba market which Fawzi al-Ju’ba has inherited from his father 20 years ago.

“ My father was before me in this handicraft and now I am continuing on his way to provide local tourists with the Palestinian handmade ceramics,” Fawzi said.

He added, “Our shop introduces different shapes and sizes of plates, bells, mirrors, spoons and other types.” , “when you  look at them, you will never feel bored.”

The Israeli forces try to convince tourists allegedly that Palestinians will  deceive them with the price and type.

Al-Ju’ba said,” tourists came to know more about the old city of Jerusalem and pick some pictures of it.”

“They bought the goods from the Israeli markets,” he indicated, adding that the tourism is racist and vehemently saturated with the Israeli ideas about the Palestinians and their question.