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Israelis attack West Bank journalists
Israelis attack West Bank journalists
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Israeli soldiers have attacked journalists of a Palestinian TV channel in the West Bank village of Billin, Press TV reports.


The soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets directly at the van of the Maan television network’s crew.


Billin is a village near the city of Ramallah that has been encircled by illegal Israeli settlements.


Palestinian activist Osama Baker told Press TV on Saturday that Israeli forces continue to attack and target journalists in the West Bank.


Fares Srafendi, another journalist, told Press TV, “The goal of Israeli army is to attack national and international journalists in an attempt to prevent them from reporting real situation and documenting Israeli crimes against Palestinians people.”


He also called on all local journalists to “unite and gain international support” to put pressure on the Israeli regime to stop attacks on journalists and allow them to freely move in the West Bank and  Jerusalem.


Since 2000, nearly two dozen Palestinian and international journalists have been killed by Israeli forces while trying to record the situation on the ground.


Israeli soldiers also attacked a group of Palestinian protesters in Billin, shooting 18-year-old Majd Burnat with a rubber bullet in the back. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.


According to the Palestinian journalists syndicate, the Israeli attacks against Palestinian and international journalists is not easing, and without enough international pressure, Tel Aviv will continue to attack journalists with impunity.

joop jansen
Damn you lot! God's chosen psychos!!Israel is a threat to world peace and Palestine needs to be freed from zionist occupation!