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Administrative detainee: we are freedom-seekers, not trouble-makers
Administrative detainee: we are freedom-seekers, not trouble-makers
Administrative detainee, MP, Abdel Jaber Fuqaha
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Gaza, ALRAY - The administrative detainees in Israeli jails are scheduled to set off the second phase of their systematic protest over the administrative detention policy on Monday, November 25.

Researcher at Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights Ahmed Betawi said that "the administrative detainees will stage, as from tomorrow [Monday], a hunger strike one day a week and will return the meals administered by the prison service. 20 days later that date, they would move to a hunger strike two days a week,"

About 180 administrative detainees had declared at the end of October they would boycott all Israeli courts in protest of the inappropriate treatment of the Israel Prison Service (IPS).

Betawi pointed out that if the IPS would not respond to the demands of the administrative detainees, they will refuse as from next month to receive any drugs and be transferred to any clinics; they may then stage an open hunger strike.

He qouted administratively detained Palestinian MP Abdel Jaber Fuqaha as saying that his fellow detainees "are determined to continue to their escalatory protest steps until the end of the injustice being done to them, adding that they are not trouble-makers, but freedom-seekers," 

Fuqaha noted that "the escalatory steps are a means to make our voices heard and not an end in itself; when the Israeli occupation responds to our demands, they would stop,"

The MP appreciated the role of human rights organizations and the media that stand by their side in their strike, asking them to exert more efforts in order to end their suffering.