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US College Sponsored Speakers: Israelis Kidnap, Torture Arab Children
US College Sponsored Speakers: Israelis Kidnap, Torture Arab Children
Haverford College sponsored a leg of the fundraising tour for Anarchists Against the Wall on Nov. 24, 2013 /
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ALRAY -  Anarchists Against the Wall, an organization that  attacks not only the “Occupation,” but Israel’s very existence, held an event at Haverford College on Sunday, Nov. 24, called “The Soldier and the Refusenik".

He said that Israel uses the “West Bank” and Gaza as its own private lab where it experiments on Palestinian Arabs and then sells the weapons it perfects to the “worst dictators in the world, including the United States”.

Israeli soldiers kidnap young Arab children from their homes in the middle of the night. The Israelis then hold those children in military detention centers for one to three days, during which time the children aren’t given any water or allowed to see their parents or a lawyer. The Israelis then coerce the children into lying and saying that certain Arab leaders told the children to throw stones at Israeli soldiers. The Israeli soldiers then release the children and arrest the Arab leaders, one of sponsored speakers said.

They also noted that Israeli soldiers pretend to be Arabs and join the “peaceful, non-violent Palestinian Arab demonstrations.” The soldiers pretending to be Arabs then throw stones at the Israelis, which unleashes the “hundreds of IMF soldiers” with guns and tear gas canisters who were waiting for the legitimacy provided by the undercover IMF to attack the non-violent Arab protesters.

The speakers explained that those underhanded strategies of entrapment and undercover work are essential,  because “the IMF can’t have  Ghandi types undermining our Occupation."  The speakers described the Arab Palestinian leadership who are getting arrested as “Ghandi types.”