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Israeli forces arrest six Palestinians from Hebron
Israeli forces arrest six Palestinians from Hebron
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West Bank, ALRAY - The Israeli troops arrested on Tuesday morning six Palestinians including a child and a women in the West Bank.

Local sources reported that the Israeli troops detained Mohammed Zama’ra,14,Mohammed Sawalma,18, and Ahmed al-Maghatha,18, from Halhoul town in the north of Hebron.

According to the same sources, They also arrested Rami al-Moghrabi from al-Aroub refugee camp in the northern of the city and Tariq al-Hashlamoun and his mother from Bab al-Qatanin village.

The detainees were taken to the interrogation center in Jerusalem, locals said.

The Israeli police delivered a summon to Ibtisam Mustafa, the teacher in al-“Omarya School” in the old city of Jerusalem, charging her of organizing induction tour for her students to al-Aqsa mosque.

The Israeli troops detained a Palestinian citizen from Anin village for hours and delivered a summon to a young man to go to the interrogation center in  Salem Camp.

Witnesses said that they erected military checkpoints and obstructed resident’s movement.

Palestinian security sources said, Israeli soldiers handed over a summon to Anis Ma’li after raiding his relative’s house in Ajja village.

The sources added, the Israeli soldiers detained yesterday evening former head of the village council Rabah Yasin 54, while he was in his farmland near the Apartheid Wall.

 Yasin was freed after being interrogated.

More than 4,500 Palestinian prisoners, including about 170 administrative detainees, are held in Israeli prisons, many of them without charges or trial.

Palestinian prisoners have been subjected to numerous raids and solitary confinement. Many have been injured by Israeli guards.  

They have been suffering human rights violations such as the use of torture during interrogations by prison authorities.