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PFLP commemorates 46th anniversary of its founding
PFLP commemorates 46th anniversary of its founding
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has commemorated its 46th anniversary of its founding under the slogan “Our Choice: Unity, Resistance, Liberation,” with a rally on al-Katiba yard in Gaza City.

According to the PFLP's website, the rally in Gaza is part of a series of events and activities in all areas of the homeland and exile marking the anniversary.

The PFLP confirmed in a statement issued on the occasion that "the resistance in all its forms is the way to maintain the unity of the Palestinian people and land, and to preserve the cause, and national constants,"

The statement said that "the so-called peace process and the two-state solution is in an absolute contrast to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital as Jerusalem and the right of return of refugees,"

The Madrid and Oslo approach has been proven bankrupt, which requires [of the PA] to immediately end these futile negotiations, and to prevent the Israel's use of peace process as a cover to continue to grab land, slaughter people, Judaize the holy sites, the statement added.

It demanded the PA to join the United Nations organizations, including the International Criminal Court, and to convene an international conference in its framework to promote the execution of the relevant international resolutions.

It called for translating the UN resolution naming 2014 as a year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People into bring to account, boycott, and punish the Israeli occupation settlement in Palestine, which it considered a form of racism and terrorism that must be stopped.