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Ministry of Health: 86 injured during Gaza cold front
Ministry of Health: 86 injured during Gaza cold front
A family taking shelter in a school after home was flooded with rainwater
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Gaza, ALRAY - Ministry of Health said 86 people across the Gaza Strip have been injured as a result of the extreme weather conditions since the onset of the cold front on Wednesday.

Spokesman for the ministry Ashraf Al-Qidra Saturday said that 30 were injured on Wednesday, 16 on Thursday, and 49 on Friday and Saturday, including 10 from the emissions of burnt coal used for air-heating inside homes.

In this context, the government made a brief statement that 433 households accounting for 2234 people have been housed in public schools and police stations. 

Mr Salama Marouf, Dircetor General of the Government Media Office, announced that government crews carried out 1200 various missions.

The crews managed to evacuate 650 people, pull out 101 submerged cars, and sucked rainwater from 86 flooded areas and evacuate more than 200 homes.

He pointed to the fall of 12 block walls during the cold front, and of 59 trees. 

The cold front continues to hit the West Bank and the Gaza Strip for the fourth day in a row, leaving extensive damage to residential properties, farm houses and poultry and livestock farms amid expectations that it would reverse as from Saturday evening.