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$300,000 losses of fishermen port due to winter storm: Palestinian official
$300,000 losses of fishermen port due to winter storm: Palestinian official
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Ministry of Transport and Communications(MOTC) in Gaza said that the losses of Gaza port estimated to $300,000 in the last disastrous cold front.

Director General of Ports in Gaza Sa’ed Ammar said in a press release on Sunday morning that the precautionary measures taken by the ministry before the beginning of the storm contributed to mitigating the damages.

Ammar pointed out that the ministry crews evacuated 200 drifters inside the port and activated the wave breaker throughout the day and night during the winter storm; so this reduced the average of losses significantly.

He noted that his ministry had previously warned of the weakness of wave breaker due to the Israeli prevention of entering cement to strengthen the breaker.

He said the ministry collected 500 tons of cement blocks from the streets of Gaza in order to consolidate the breaker.

He said that the breaker will not do well in case of a new cold front hits Gaza.

The Palestinian government provided 600 cement blocks while it needs about 4,000 to 5,000 blocks which cost $2.5millon.