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Palestinian refugee killed in Syria
Palestinian refugee killed in Syria
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Gaza, ALRAY - A Palestinian refugee was killed on Sunday in Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp by the Syrian regular army, the Workforce for Palestinians group in Syria reported.

It said in a statement that Ibrahim al-Kafri died by a sniper bullet in the Yarmouk refugee camp.

The group said that Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus was under heavy shelling all night ; no injuries were reported.

All main entrances to the camp have been closed for over 155 days and there has been no electricity since several days. the group warned of a serious humanitarian crisis as all hospitals and medical centers in Yarmouk have ceased to operate due to a lack of equipment, military attacks and robberies, the group added.

According to the group, citizens of  Khan El-Sheikh's refugee camp have been suffering from bad economic conditions due to the lack of food, medicine, and fuel and they called on UNRWA to hold its responsibilities towards them.