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IPS raids administrative detainees' sections in Negev prison
IPS raids administrative detainees' sections in Negev prison
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli Prison Service (IPS) special unit "Keter" raided section 23 of administrative detainees in Negev prison  and carried out an intensive searching  , Palestinian Prisoner Center for Studies  ( PPCS)  reported.

The center reported that it received a call from the administrative prisoners in Negev prison   explaining that Israeli police accompanied by Keter unit stormed the prison and forced the prisoners to laundry under the bad weather conditions. They said that Keter unit forced the prisoners in 1,3,5,7 cells  out in the freezing cold and searched the cells.

The Spokesman for the PPCS, Riad Ashkar  said that the Palestinian prisoners confirmed that they suffer from a severe shortage of blankets and winter clothing, and they lack heating.

Administrative detainees have  staged a massive hunger strike since eight days, protesting the IPS's policy which denied  them the family visits, hot water , breaks and reduced  canteen share.

The center reported that the administrative detainees in 23 section are subjected  to a daily and intensive searching and  crackdown process in order to dissuade them from continuing their protesting steps against the administrative detention.

The PPCS called on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to take part and save the Palestinian prisoners from this bad condition, which prevails in prison due to the low temperatures.