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Israeli occupation arrests three youths in Nablus raid
Israeli occupation arrests three youths in Nablus raid
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Nablus, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces stormed on Wednesday morning different neighborhoods in Nablus and arrested three youths after raiding their houses.

locals said that the Israeli troops attacked Askar al-Qadim and al-Jadeed camps at 2:30 am and detained AbdullatifSharaya’h after assaulting him.

They also raided Balata camp eastern the city of Nablus.

The Israeli soldiers attacked al-Najah university and arrested the student Anas Radad from Saida town in Tolkarm.

In al-Ein refugee camp, the Israeli occupation arrested ex-prisoner Mohammed Hamdan after searching his house.

The detainees were taken to disclosed  area, according to witnesses.

In the same context, the Israeli troops erected a number of checkpoints at the entrances of BeitForik and BeitIba and imposed restrictions on the citizens’ movement at Innab checkpoint between Nablus and Tolkarm.

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