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Awqaf denounces tearing Holy Quran
Awqaf denounces tearing Holy Quran
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Gaza, ALRAY - Awqaf and Religious Affairs Minister Ismail Radwan denounced tearing the Holy Quran by fans of an Israeli football team in Jerusalem.

Some activists in the pre 48-Palestine said that the torn pages of the Holy Quran were collected by a group of Palestinian youth.

By this immoral and illegal act, Radwan confirmed that the Israeli occupation does not respect other religions, pointing out that this crime is unprecedented and unacceptable.

He warned of the consequences of this step, stressing the need for respecting Islamic principles and  religious values, and protecting the rights of all religions and the freedom of worship.

He called on all Muslims in the world to support the Holy Quran and prevent anybody from doing the same shameful act.

It is noteworthy that Beitar football team’s fans are racist and hate Arabs and Muslims. During the football matches, They always echo insulting expressions against Palestinians in particular and Arabs in general such as” Death to Arabs.”, and “They must be expelled from our country.”