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Hamas appreciates UNRWA's initiative to ease fuel shortage
Hamas appreciates UNRWA's initiative to ease fuel shortage
The garbage trucks of Gaza city are at a standstill due to an ongoing fuel shortage (IPS Photo)
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Gaza, ALRAY - The head of Hamas office for refugees' affairs appreciated the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)'s initiative with regard to easing the fuel shortage in the Gaza Strip.

Dr Essam Odwan called Saturday in a statement on the UNRWA "to make every effort to resolve the crises of electricity and fuel, and to contribute to the entry of building materials, which would serve to improve its image among its audience,"

Robert Turner, the Director of Operations in Gaza for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), said in late November that "Turkey agreed to fund fuel purchases that will be used to provide power for emergency services in the Gaza Strip, including hospitals and idle sewage treatment plants,"

Turkey pledged $850,000, which should be able sustain the operation of emergency services for the next four months, he pointed out.

On December 18, dozens from Gaza's Jabalia refugee camp demonstrated in front of UNRWA offices to demand that the UN agency repair their flooded homes following a four-day storm which caused widespread damage in the coastal territory.

Fuel supplies have been scarce since the Egyptian military's crackdown on smuggling tunnels on the border with Gaza began in early July.

The amount of fuel allowed by Israel into Gaza via Karam Abu Salem crossing serves only little of the Gaza needs.

During the Alexa storm which lasted for four consecutive days and led to huge damage to public and private sectors and forced thousands out of their homes to makeshift shelters, civil defense crews were crippled by a lack of electricity and a lack of fuel to operate generators to pump water.