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Syrian aircraft kills 7 Palestinian refugees
Syrian aircraft  kills 7 Palestinian refugees
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Syria, ALRAY - Syrian aircrafts continued their incessant bombing at Palestinian refugees camps; 7 Palestinians were killed on Tuesday evening, media sources reported.

Action Group for Palestinians of Syria announced on a statement that  Alaa Abu Rezzig a Palestinian refugee killed in a bombing at Dera' camp while a sniper belonging to Assad regime shot dead Jamal Hamad and his mother at Yarmouk camp in their way to Sbeina town.

It also reported that Assad regime snipers shot dead two brothers , Wael and Ibrahim Musa at a besieged suburb in Damascus.  Bahhar Nasiif from Latakia tortured to death in Assad regime prison and Qasim al-Mughrabei starve to death in the besieged  Yarmouk camp. 

Syrian regime army imposed a siege on Yarmouk camp for Palestinian refugees since 161 days in a row. People in the camp suffer from food , medicine and fuel scarcity.