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Peres threatens to cut aid to Gaza
Peres threatens to cut aid to Gaza
Shimon Peres, Israel president
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Gaza, ALRAY - Moshei Ya'aloun, the Israeli war minister, stated Tuesday that rules of dealing with the besieged Gaza strip have changed.

"Israel will use the economy card now as the Gaza people have no outlets except Karm Abu Salem crossing, which Israel controls," he said.

Analysts said that the Israeli threats are so dangerous as some 1.7 million Palestinians rely on Karm Abu Salem crossing to survive.

 A prominent Israeli army official said Tuesday "We will use the economic situation now so as to pressure Gaza; we will see, how can Gaza live for a day without cooking gas.''

He added that Palestinians in Gaza are now  under mercy of Israel and they should understand that they would pay for everything they do to Israel.

The Israeli president , Shemon Peres , stated Tuesday that Israel will let aids into the Gaza Strip.

''Gazans cannot live even for one day without foreign aids. So, we can address the situation well nowadays'' Peres said.

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