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Kerry back to region in January 10
Kerry back to region in January 10
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Washington, ALRAY - American Secretary General John Kerry will be back to the region in January 10 to present a final proposal for the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, al-Quds newspaper reported.

The newspaper said Kerry will be accompanied by a crew of American professionals. They will put the final touches to find a solution for the permanent status negotiations ,including Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees, Israeli settlements, security, which will be accepted by both sides.

American sources said that the American crew is working intensively as they already collected information about every part in the West Bank.

The sources added, ”Kerry and US Peace Envoy Martin Indyk knew that Abbas and Netanyahu have not met for weeks but the two know the nature of the final agreement.

Observers expect US to impose rudimentary framework agreement between the Israeli and the Palestinian sides, under the framework of the negotiations that started months ago.